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Reprinted by Newcastle Publishing Company, North Hollywood, CA.1977

...I felt the strong beat of the fresh salt waves of the open sea upon my trading-vessel's prow and knew, as I stood there by her steering-oar, that she was stuffed with a hundred bales of purple cloth from my father's vats along the shore.....[W]e danced that day out of the white arms of Tyre,the queenly city of the ancient seas, and saw the young world unfurl before us, full of magnificent possibilities!.....

The adventure was sure enough, for the great midland sea was then the center of the world, and, what between the white-winged argosies of commerce, the freebooters of a dozen nations who patrolled its bays and corners, and rows and rows of royal galleys sailing to the conquest of empires, it was a lively and perilous place enough.....

We sailed into the great Egyptian river up to Heliopolis, bartering stuffs for gold-dust and ivory; at another time we took Tinacrian wine and oranges into Ostia -- a truly magnificent port, with incredible capacities for all the fair and pleasant things of life. Then we sailed among the beautiful Achaian islands with corn and olives; as so, profiting everywhere, we lived, for long, a jolly, uncertain life, full of hardship and pleasure.

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