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David Myriad Rosenbaum Reveals Some

Stuff I bet you didn't know about me.
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_____I was born just past the dawn of the space age, growing up in a suburb of New York City in Little Neck-- yes, the place that gave the famous Little Neck clams their name. There was a strange advantage to growing up in the sixties. I soaked up the positive values of flower power, kid power, war-is-bad-for-children-and-other-living-things; also avoided the negative aspects such as being drafted, or collecting drug addictions, or collecting STD's.
When I "grew up" I met my lifelong dream of moving to Berkely, California.
"Go to California," my friend told me in Albany, New York. "The women are very warm there."

Well, yes, but no more so than anywhere else. But I had always felt too mellow for New York.

Once I moved to California, for the first couple years, people kept telling me,"Relax"
"But I am RELAXED!"

There is a saying that one sign that you've gotten your life together is moving to Berkely. The other sign that you've gotten your life together is to then move away from Berkeley. I have done both; all I will say is that I'm more together now than I used to be. Now I'm living in a rather nice suburb in the East San Francisco Bay. Some times I look around this extremely pleasant condo I happen to be living in and realize that (1) it's a lot nicer than when I was living in East Oakland, with the sounds of automatic gunfire in the distance (2) I don't deserve this. But as my friend Delores observed, none of us deserve the things that happen to us, good or bad. So I guess we have to just accept or enjoy.

Favorite Music That Just Maybe You Haven't Heard of (not necessarily in this order):

Name of Group: Title

  1. Peter Godwin: Baby's in the Mountain Yow! Now available on his "Best of Peter Godwin" CD!
  2. Secession: Sneakyville {If you have a spare copy of their CD let me know!}
  3. Earth Island: Doomsday Afternoon {I dare you to find this ancient unknown LP record from the '60's.}
  4. Fabulous Poodles: Bionic Man
  5. Phantom of the Paradise (soundtrack): Old Souls
  6. Blotto: I Wanna Be a Lifeguard

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